Bold Message: Bigger Platform

Create your signature talk, pursue your love of speaking

What is Bold Message: Bigger Platform?

This is a targeted long-term programme designed for people who want to become renowned as a specialist speaker in their area. By the end of the 12-months you’ll have created a signature talk you can reliably deliver with minimal tweaks, and be able to adapt and apply it to different audiences.

Delivery is mostly online with two full days of in-person training. Over 12 months you’ll benefit from:

  • 14x one to one coaching sessions
  • 2x in-person group training days (AM – teaching/guest speaker, PM – live rehearsals/delivery preparation)
  • Valuable, objective personalised feedback
  • Access to online co-working rehearsal spaces where you can practise and get peer feedback
  • Monthly training videos with task-driven content to create accountability

Who is the programme for?

Bold Message: Bigger Platform is for ambitious, committed speakers who love to perform and want to do more of it, BUT…

If you’re honest, sometimes you’re winging it up there. You know you can improve your content and you’re worried that next time could well be the time you come unstuck. What impact would this have on your speaking dream?

The training is for you if:

  • You LOVE standing up and speaking up in front of an audience
  • You’re already a regular speaker and get your energy from being up on stage
  • You have a really important message to share
  • You’re driven by a set of clear values and beliefs and dream of getting these out into the world
  • You want to be able to say ‘Yes’ to speaking invitations, confident in the knowledge that you have a properly prepared talk ready to go
  • You want to be held accountable and develop a robust, reliable, recognisable talk


Create a robust, reliable and recognisable talk

Commit to the programme to:

  • Create the building blocks of a successful, repeatable talk
  • Improve your content and discover new perspectives on your subject
  • Learn how to streamline the content creation process
  • Identify linking themes to help you adapt and flex your talk for different audiences and engagements
  • Define your talk by considering structure, sequencing, storytelling and how to engage each audience
  • Design your performance to bring your message to life and have impact on your audience
  • Hone your delivery skills to create stage presence and give a confident, engaging performance every time


£7000 for the 12-month programme

Payment plan available to spread the cost. Please ask for details.

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