Women Speakers


Join our campaign to raise the bar for women speakers

Raising the bar for women speakers, the Phenomenal Woman programmes deliver specifically targeted presentation skills training for women in business. Why women – only programmes? Because experience tells us that all too often women lack the confidence to deliver their important messages powerfully. Or when they do speak in public, their message is masked by an unconvincing delivery. These programmes are not for women who want to know the theory of presentations. They are designed for women who are serious about getting their message across. They have been created for women who recognise that speaking powerfully and persuasively to others is fundamental to business success. Women who want to get even better at expressing themselves in an influential and inspiring way will find these workshops and mentoring groups the perfect way of developing their skills and their confidence.

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One to One Support

Sometimes a course is not what you need. Sometimes you just need to focus and work one to one to get that presentation right. You know, that BIG presentation, that ‘All-Things-Rest-On-This’ pitch, that dreaded ‘networker’ introduction…

Or perhaps you’ve done the course and want to work on some specific areas of your own personal style and challenges

Possibly you need to work on those presentation demons first before plucking up the courage to attend a more group based training

Whatever the reason, more and more people are coming to Catherine for one to one training. What they get is a promise of direct feedback which is structured and delivered to get the very best out of you and bags of expert support.

Contact us to discuss what it is that you are looking for.  It may be a stand alone session ( a session normally last about one hour fifteen).  Or may be a series of sessions.  Catherine has also helped people who want ‘the works’ (design, script, rehearsal and slides).  When you contact us we will ring you back and chat about what might be best for you.


Stand up. Speak up. Stand out!