I received this testimonial from a lovely client who firstly wanted to get her ‘message’ clear and then went on to nail it in a video! Watch this space for this lady – she is ready to rock and roll! Thank you Sharon Curran, The Soul Coach

“I approached Catherine to work with me after hearing positive things about her and her work at different women in business networking groups. I was due to film a short video introduction for my business and having never done one before, I wanted some help in identifying my core message and presentation.

In fact, it was after watching a short video of her’ own that I knew she was the right person for me.

I really connected with her energy, passion and vibrancy that all shone through.

I had two sessions with Catherine, the first of which was fact finding. She obviously needed to know what I did and how I helped my clients and I loved how we put all that together with copious post-it-notes and coloured pens! It was a very illuminating exercise and I was quickly able to identify my message and the one which would capture my audience’s attention in this short window of time. My work is very personal and I wanted that emotion and sense of heart connection and trust to come through and Catherine really helped me with that. In the second session we worked solely on delivery and presentation. She has some great tips on how to stand in your power and speak with confidence and poise and having never done something like this before, she really put me at ease.

I guess the biggest thing that helped me to feel the most comfortable was the sense of feeling understood. Even though that’s nigh on impossible to do with all the different types of businesses out there, I never once felt like I was being moved into a direction I wasn’t comfortable with or asked to do or say something that wasn’t authentically me.

I am really delighted with the overall outcome and would highly recommend Catherine if you are looking for similar help and support.”


Many client have a specific presentation they want to work on with me..

Getting my message across to people one to one has always been something I have felt comfortable with. I’m even happy running an interactive workshop but as soon as I have to deliver a straightforward talk to a large group the panic sets in. I have actually done it many times and luckily had positive feedback but I know I could do so much better. I have done everything to attempt improvement – public speaking workshops, seminars, hypnotherapy, you name it, I’ve tried it,  but now that I’m getting asked to do more and more decluttering talks I want to be in a position firstly to not panic for the two weeks leading up to a talk, and secondly to feel confident that I have delivered well and inspired people to take action. I had met Catherine many times, listened to her poised, confident, impactful  delivery on  numerous occasions and knew she was the perfect person to help. I needed someone to listen to MY speech, to look at MY body language, to tell me how ridiculously fast MY delivery was. I needed a one to one assessment.  So that’s what we did. In a very casual environment, I delivered one of my pre prepared talks. Catherine listened, stopped me periodically, told me what I was doing well, what I was doing not so well, where I needed to pause, where to tweak my message, how to engage the audience, how to use body language in a positive way to influence people subconsciously. It was brilliant and hit the spot perfectly.   I could go on and on but that was part of Catherine’s message – less is more! I’ve booked 4 talks in March. I have my first talk in a week or so and I am chomping at the bit to put into practise what I learnt. Wherever you are in your public speaking journey, a couple of hours with Catherine might just save you months of unnecessary panic. Good luck! Julie Butterworth, Decluttering Your Home


This particular client booked three sessions with me to help her in her job search and to get clarity about what she does. Lots of experience and talent here – and now a clear way of expressing this on line and face to face. It was a pleasure working with them!

“Catherine does exactly what she says she does – she’s coached me in how to tell my stories to engage my audience. In just three sessions, Catherine has turned around how I say what I do – it’s been a revelation. I feel really confident in telling people what I do and people are listening now. And we had fun too, Catherine is great to work with. A deep listener, incredible communicator, flexible in approach, and focuses on client and outcomes.”

Working with clients one to one is perfect when there is a really “Big’ presentation coming up.  Thanks Helen Nurse, Capture One for this testimonial

Catherine helped me with preparing for an important presentation and her ability to very quickly understand my subject in order to be able to best help me with the structure and delivery was fantastic. She helped give me a huge amount of confidence and as a result of the preparation work we did together, the presentation went really well and was extremely successful. I would definitely recommend working with Catherine on a 121 basis, as well as attending any of her speaking clubs. I have attended her monthly speaking club and this too is excellent and great for practicing and trying things out.

Lovely to receive this testimonial from a client who attended both Spotlight sessions and Speak!Up Club alongside each other ( she was really determined to be a brilliant speaker!)

It took me years to pluck up the courage to go to one of Catherine’s training sessions. I knew I needed to “up my game” in terms of presenting skills, but was also very nervous about that. Boy, am I glad I made that first step! Over the last six months I have been privileged to benefit from Catherine’s warm personality, engaging style, insightful feedback and technical expertise at both The Spotlight Sessions and SpeakUp! Club. I’m now consciously incompetent some of the time and even consciously competent occasionally. I have so much to learn, so much to practise and I am loving it. I know with Catherine’s help I can become an increasingly engaging and confident speaker and interviewee.  Tracy Townend, Puddleducks Founder

I really enjoy one to one sessions with private clients.  This is what one happy client had to say about his session.  Thanks Nigel Garner, Moore Finance:

Following many years of requests to ‘speak’ at various events, which I’d always politely declined to do, I contacted Catherine to see if she could help me overcome my fears. I understood that Public Speaking was a part of my role but it was always something I felt uncomfortable doing and to talk about ‘Me’ left me feeling even more awkward.
Catherine helped me to piece together the story of my Professional life to date, the ups & downs of establishing and growing a business, along with the impact it had made to my life and how it had developed me as a person. It was a fascinating experience for me to look at everything that I’d undertaken and realise how exciting, challenging and rewarding the journey had been.
I would definitely recommend Catherine to anyone considering Public Speaking in whatever capacity, as she has a wonderful way of easing your fears or concerns and helps you to deliver a confident, entertaining presentation. Yes, I still feel nervous when it’s time to speak but Catherine trained me to embrace these nerves in a positive way and by adopting her ways of organising my notes, I quickly relax once the talk begins.

My current group of Professionals Speaking Club members have had this to say about their experiences so far

I joined the professional speaking club in the hope that I would up my game when it comes to presenting, and I wasn’t wrong. Each session builds on the previous and when you get the light bulb moment, when it all falls into place, it’s a satisfying and liberating feeling. When you see others in the group present, it reinforces your learning and their feedback as well as the direct input from Catherine is invaluable. The sessions are well structured, enjoyable and I’d recommend them to anyone who presents and dreads it through to anyone who presents on a regular basis and wants to improve. Rachel Brooks, Curvo

As a TV and radio presenter I have no problem speaking in public, but it’s usually with a script and about a news story. So when I set up my own business I was on new territory and every time I spoke about it, it felt clumsy and unclear. I was desperate to learn a better way of speaking. Catherine’s brilliant Speaking Club shows you how to build content that is appropriate for your audience, how to deliver it really well, and how to craft what you say in a way that helps subtly sell your product or service. Having just done my best presentation ever in front of a very difficult audience I can safely say that Speaking Club was money well spent, and has more than paid off as an investment. Catherine is a great coach and knows so much about speaking – she’s passionate too and goes the extra distance to help, which has been invaluable to me and my business.  Penny Haslam, PHEW

Another very happy customer after some one to one training – she also enjoyed the Speaking Club meeting too!

“Catherine helped me with preparing for an important presentation and her ability to very quickly understand my subject in order to be able to best help me with the structure and delivery was fantastic. She helped give me a huge amount of confidence and as a result of the preparation work we did together, the presentation went really well and was extremely successful. I would definitely recommend working with Catherine on a 121 basis, as well as attending any of her speaking clubs. I have attended her monthly speaking club and this too is excellent and great for practicing and trying things out.”

We were very excited to hear back from a corporate client after delivering Panic to Poise half day workshop

Thank You, Thank You,  Thank You!  Today’s training with Catherine has been fantastic and we have received truly brilliant feedback!  We ended up with 19 attendees of which 18 scored the event either 9 or 10 (out of 10), with 1 attendee scoring 8. Specifically:

Light-hearted, informal messages and experiences with great tips to practice.
Fun kept audience engaged and attentive, with actions to take away
Catherine was very good. Exciting, motivated and made you feel at ease
Very interesting and useful, very well delivered and enjoyable session – thanks
Good very interactive
Fantastic content, very useful
I found Catherine very engaging and the advice she has given me was quite inspirational.
Really enjoyed the course especially Catherine’s humour
Hugely enjoyable with some wonderful tips.  Catherine was fantastic and inspiring
I think it was really useful.  Very proactive, learnt lots of new things.
Enjoyable – Reinforced something I thought were good practice and gave some great new tools.
Very good and informative
Really good event to think above how I can personally improve my presentation skills.  Well organised and great content.
Really enjoyed the session.  There were lots of great tips to take away.  Very inspirational!
Love that there was no PowerPoint, very natural presenter, very inspiring.
Great storytelling skills and sharing personal experiences.


Delighted to receive this feedback from a satisfied corporate client

Catherine has worked for us at Pink Spaghetti on a couple of occasions, and we will continue to use her services in the future. As we roll out our franchises, Catherine comes in as an essential part of the franchisee training days, to take the franchisees through how to get across their message with future clients, and detailed networking skills – something essential to anyone working for Pink Spaghetti. We get amazing feedback from our franchisees after Catherine’s sessions, not only do they feel more confident, but they have lots to think about before they go to their first networking session. I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine to anyone.

Feedback on the Speaking Club

The phenomenal women speaking club has been a complete revelation for me. Public speaking is something that I’ve always dreaded and my aim has always just been to get through it, without making a total fool of myself by stuttering and shaking!! After a few sessions with Catherine, I’ve gained confidence and realised there’s a whole art to putting your presentation together. Instead of just getting through a presentation, I now think about how I’m going to deliver it and what techniques I’m going to use, I still feel nervous but also confident that I can do a good presentation. This training is the best CPD I’ve ever done and what you learn is absolute gold, thank you!!!

The speaking club has been really useful in stimulating thinking around what I need to say and how messages are expressed, and I have applied some of techniques and concepts introduced by Catherine in my work.

I enjoy the balance between input from Catherine, and the opportunity to speak and gain feedback from the other women present.  The small group size is essential to maintain this balance.

Catherine provides a welcoming and personable learning environment. She takes an interest in those present and always offers useful individual feedback and support with examples relevant to work.  She is an excellent facilitator and speaker, and is genuinely interested in helping every person to develop and improve.


Such useful insight into the effort required to really make an impact, connect with any audience and stand out from the crowd.  The speaking club works because of Catherine’s style and approach, she is engaging, encouraging but also challenging.  The challenge now is to apply all this learning and allow the time needed to appropriately plan for engagements, be they presentations, meetings, networking or otherwise.  Fantastic experience and would absolutely recommend this to others.

It was great to get this feedback from a corporate client this week.  Harriet attended one of my corporate programmes for engineers in UTAS ( Goodrich Actuation, Wolverhampton)

I just wanted to say that I was using my presentation skills training as I help run the Crisis Comms training. I used the tools that I got in the training that I did last year and was complimented on my great presentation style.

Since I know that I used to be rubbish at presenting, I thought that I’d drop you a line to say that the training paid off!

Some lovely feedback on a one to one session by Ellen Senior, Ravensworth Estate Agents

Further to attending one of Catherine’s sessions ‘From panic to poise’ at last year’s NWWE Day, I found her own presentation skills exceptional and thoroughly enjoyable.  It was at this point, I felt inspired and compelled to speak to Catherine in taking my first step in addressing the anxiety I feel at public speaking.

A one to one session was booked with Catherine, which I found to be invaluable in identifying the core areas where I needed help most.  Catherine made me feel very relaxed and gave me tips that showed me how to boost my confidence.

One of my main plans as a result of seeing Catherine, is to be able to address a room full of people calmly and confidently when representing my company.  I believe this will ultimately help me achieve my ongoing aim of growing my business.

I would certainly recommend Catherine and if you are looking to make your first step or advance your speaking skills, albeit daunting, Catherine will be able to guide you throughout this process, whatever the level you wish to achieve.

This is what people are saying about Phenomenal Woman Presentation Skills

I first went along to one of Catherine’s events thinking I’d show some support for someone who I’d know as a yoga student of mine. In my utter ignorance I thought that I was doing HER the favour. Well – within about 5 minutes of Catherine starting her presentation I recognised that she had huge amounts to teach me about how to present myself, my ideas and my business. By the end of the event I had recognised that I had a lot to learn from her and signed up there and then for her Phenomenal Women Training. What an inspirational and transformative few days that was. Catherine managed to get a group of women who had never met before to all delve deep into themselves and to find what was at the heart of what we had to say. She taught us tools and techniques to turn what we had to say into really vibrant, compelling and polished presentations. We had wonderful exercises, coaching, support and teaching and a really safe, nurturing environment. Each and every one of us on the course came away not only having learnt how to present anything effectively and with real panache – but having had a personally transformative journey. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Alison Colyer, Yoga Teacher


I took part in the Phenomenal Woman weekend course earlier this year with Catherine. The quality and quantity Catherine provided was excellent value, I walked away feeling completely confident with the skills she had helped me with. Catherine has always been there with support and guidance after the event and I would be more than happy to recommend Catherine to anyone who may feel they need help with confidence in presenting. Jo Hawkins, executive PA Services


Public speaking has always been a personal challenge for me. Although I was reasonably competent, it wasn’t something that I relished. I initially heard Catherine speak at a ladies networking event and I was so impressed by her common sense approach, friendliness and delivery that I had to find out more. A friend had attended the Phenomenal Women weekend and the transformation that I had seen her undergo confirmed that the decision to go was the right one. The weekend was intense, fun, challenging (in a good way) and informative, not to mention the continuous supply of food and refreshments together made it a fantastic weekend. I have now got the tools and skills to walk in a room and know exactly what to say, to remember the content without cards or prompts, to engage the audience as well as getting their participation, but most importantly, from a business perspective, when I talk I get bookings. Catherine is amazing at what she does but not only that she is a lovely person. I can not recommend her enough! Liz Haydn


I attended Catherine’s Phenomenal Woman presentation workshop which was 2.5 days long and well worth the investment because I believe you can always learn from every experience. I was already a confident speaker but I learned lots of tips and ideas on ways to present better and received constructive feedback as well as I enjoyed networking with the other delegates. I always receive great feedback on my own presentations and workshops which I am sure has been helped by the Phenomenal Women experience. Catherine is extremely friendly, personable and knowledgeable. Sue France, Author,


Having been a coach for two years, I was looking to “up my game”, as I felt, something was missing with my presentations. I attended one of Catherine’s half day events and knew immediately, that Catherine’s weekend course would give me the outcome I was looking for. The course was all that was promised and more. It made me a more confident, entertaining speaker and showed me how to inject my personality and passion into my presenting. Speaking and presenting now holds no fears for me and I look for as many speaking opportunities to speak as I can. Patricia Browne


I have just attended Catherine’s Phenomenal Woman presentation skills 3 day workshop. It was one of those truely life changing experiences. I was very nervous about speaking in public but by the end of the course I found that not only could I stand up and speak in front of a group but that it was an easy and enjoyable experience. All the fear has left me and I feel so much more confident in myself generally as well as as a speaker. Catherine has a unique blend of being excellent at what she does, imparting top quality advice and doing it all with such friendliness and support and genuine care, that you can’t help responding well, losing the fear and absorbing everything at a deep level. Sharon Zemmel


Wordle Feedback ( click the link)

Here is some feedback gathered from a Presentation I gave at Northwest Womens Enterprise Day on November 16th 2012.  I love the wordle application…!

Wordle Feedback


This is what people are saying about Sharing the Secrets of Successful Speaking

This is what people are saying about Panic to Poise Seminar




And more lovely things people are saying about our training

Jennifer Rigby

Team Employer Support Ltd

Thought-provoking.  Audience was put at ease.  A friendly atmosphere.’

July 2012

Jacqueline McMullun

Forever Living Products

Hit the spot!  Exactly what I needed.  Some very good advice and good networking too!

July 2012

Pippa Taylor

Boohi Tree Therapies

I found it very enjoyable and inspiring.  I loved the analogies, enjoyed the variety.  Valuable information.  thank you.

July 2012

Helena Whittle

Flexible Admin Solutions

I would definately recommend.  Very friendly .  Great advice

July 2012

Sam Cunliffe

Holden Ice Cream

Fantastic , very interactive and inspiring.  Enjoy it!  It was really inspriring, thought provoking and will help you in both your business and everyday life

July 2012

Lovely things being said about Panic to Poise Seminar

Naomi Gilmour

Branching Out Online

What a fantastic delivery of a subject I really needed to focus on!  I am going to go away to prepare for my presentation next week feeling much more focussed.  Thank you.I would definitely recommend it. It was very informative and well delivered.

June 2012

Sue Beavan

Utility Warehouse

Fantastic tips to take away. A great starter to giving presentations

June 2012

Julie Warburton


Great hearing tips and ideas from two phenomenal women who inspire confidence.  Just listening to how presentations should be done is motivating and inspiring & gives you a feel for how it could be done

June 2012

Amanda Ward

EnjoyBenefits Ltd

Made me think about my presentations and opportunities out there in a very positive and easy way.  I was enthused about the prospect of making presentations again.  Go for it!  It gives you the chance to look at your product/services from your potential clients viewpoint.

June 2012

Sue Kingsford

Utility Warehouse

Ideal size and location.  A wealth of knowledge from Catherine and Karen was evident. Tasty lunch! It will focus your mind on what you need to say when speaking to an audience or one to one.

June 2012

Beatrice Bowyer

Forever Living Product

Precise information enough to get you to start thinking about what you could do for your business.  Really inspiring, got lots to take back and great tips

June 2012

Video testimonial from Phenomenal Woman Experience, May 2012

Joanne Hawkins,

 Executive VPA

“If you feel you have a message and don’t know how to present it or don’t even feel you have a message, this course is for you!”

May 2012


 Dr Elaine Stokes,


Fantastic. Even if you have been presenting for 20 years you will approach them very differently after this.

May 2012

Nicola Kane,


I would definitely recommend it. It is so much more than a presentation course. It makes you really think about what your message and story is and how you can deliver it with real clarity and impact. I made some new friends too.

May 2012

Jill Fogden,

Self-employed Freelance Musician

Helps you make changes and extract from you things you didn’t know about yourself that you need to know.

May 2012

 Josie Collier,

Andrew Collier Photography

DO IT, don’t put it off just do it!

May 2012

Sharon Zemmel


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, CreativeI have just attended Catherine’s Phenomenal Woman presentation skills 3 day workshop. It was one of those truely life changing experiences. I was very nervous about speaking in public but by the end of the course I found that not only could I stand up and speak in front of a group but that it was an easy and enjoyable experience. All the fear has left me and I feel so much more confident in myself generally as well as as a speaker. Catherine has a unique blend of being excellent at what she does, imparting top quality advice and doing it all with such friendliness and support and genuine care, that you can’t help responding well, losing the fear and absorbing everything at a deep level. March 11, 2012

Kirsty James

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“It is completely appropriate that Catherine Sandland should be known on Twitter as @presentingqueen. Her presentation skills training is professional, inspiring and content-rich. It would be hard not to say that Catherine is ‘Mrs Poise’ herself. I have heard Catherine speak several times at business events and attended her very popular ‘From Panic to Poise’ course. At every occasion, her content has been rewarding, informative and her delivery style motivating and captivating. Anyone serious about developing their presentation skills, public speaking demeanour and confidence, and structuring the content and delivery of a talk should consider the courses offered by her businesses, Whitehart Training and Phenomenal Women. It is always a pleasure to hear Catherine speak and regardless of how many times I may hear similar anecdotes, there are always further pearls of wisdom and presentation tips and tools. ‘golden nuggets’ as she refers to them, to be gleaned. A definite must-consider for any small business owner, particularly businesswomen, faced with an increasingly competitive business environment in which pitching, presenting and networking are crucial skills.”
December 30, 2011

Ann Girling
Personal development coach & owner, On the Threshold (colleague)

“I have heard Catherine speak on several occasions. She is supremely confident but also brings in an element of humour and fun and without making it feel impossible for the rest of us to emulate! I have integrated her messages and ideas into my own presentations making them become more meaningful.”
September 17, 2011

Jen Hinds

Jen hired you as a Presentation Skills trainer in 2011 and hired you more than once Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “I have had the benefit of Catherine’s presentation skills expertise on more than one occasion and each time I have had tremendous value from the session. I regularly put her advice into practice and feel more confident and assured when speaking publicly as a result. I would recommend Catherine whole heartedly to anyone wanting to make public speaking an effective part of their business toolbox, or who would simply like some guidance on presenting style and confidence.”
September 15, 2011

Priscilla Coates
Business Development Director, Magma Digital Ltd (business partner)

“Catherine was one of the trainers at a course which I recently attended. The session she led focused on developing the presentational skills of the business owners who were present. The approach Catherine used, was highly interactive and therefore memorable and fun. She used lots of stories and examples to illustrate her points and she expertly used herself and her presentation to role model what she was teaching. What I really took away from her session which was incredibly valuable and an excellent reminder to me, was that public speaking is not just standing up in-front of 100 people. Public speaking and presentation is most of the time for a business owner and so honing these skills is a critical skill for doing business. I would definitely recommend Catherine as a trainer in these areas and have experienced the value of her approach.”
September 15, 2011

Anne Moore
MD, Vocal Excellence (colleague)

“Catherine speaks in a refreshingly open and direct style, which immediately puts her audience at complete ease and receptiveness.Her Phenomenal Woman Workshop is expertly structured to ensure the steps needed to achieve “Five Star Poise, Presentation and Confidence” in Business.”
September 16, 2011

Sharon Charteress

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“I have seen Catherine talk on several occasions and both times I have been amazed at what I have learnt in a relatively short period of time. Her talks are engaging and interactive which makes them very enjoyable as well as educational. I was able to put into practice the things that Catherine talked about immediately, which has benefitted by business. I look forward to attending her next event as I know it will be beneficial, not only to myself but also to my colleagues. I would highly recommend attending one of Catherine’s courses, you will get so much more than you expect from it.”
September 15, 2011

Emma Lodge

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“Catherine, very kindlly, agreed to speak at one of my ladies networking events earlier this year. I found Catherine’s talk to be inspiring, motivating, fascinating and food for thought. Catherine is professional in her approach. On analysing the feedback from our attendees, the rating Catherine received was our highest – excellent. I would certainly recommend Catherine to other people and am hoping she will come back to our networking group and run a training session for our ladies in the very near future.”
September 16, 2011

Jean Morton, DMS, CMgr, FCMI

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Catherine delivers excellent training in management and leadership. She is very experienced in her subject area and I always receive excellent feedback from clients that Catherine has been appointed to work with. She is very conscientious, caring and approachable.”
April 1, 2010

Stephanie Jones

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Catherine is a fabulous speaker who brings life to any room. She is clear in her delivery and thinks outside of the box. Her content is tailored to suit her audience. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Catherine to any organisation or individual.”
September 15, 2011

Isla Wilson

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Having known Catherine for a number of years, I recently finally had the chance to see her in action at one of her Panic to Poise events. It confirmed what I had long suspected- Catherine is a superb, engaging and informative trainer. The session was informative and challenging, and Catherine’s relaxed style is perfect for putting people at ease and getting the best from them.”
July 19, 2011

Pam Tracey MInstLM; Assoc CIPD

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“I was a student of Catherine during 2009/2010 and cannot recommend her highly enough.. Her training session were always enjoyable. They were very interactive and Catherine always ensured that she created an environment which was conducive for everyone to learn. She clearly has a passion for Learning and Development and takes a pride both in her own work and that of her students. She is genuinely thrilled to see them develop throughout the course and always there for support, mentoring and advice when needed.”
July 20, 2010

Grant Weston (TopLinked.Com)
Managment Development Consultant, Options Employment Group Ltd (business partner)

“I first met Catherine as I embarked on my career as a Learning and Development professional. Catherine was knowledgeable and inspirational. She explains complex idea’s in a way that makes them simple to grasp. Through my time training with Catherine I found her to be approachable and willing to discuss assignments and projects (amongst other things). I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine if you are looking for a world class learning and development professional – and I hope to engage in her services in a couple of projects later this year”
April 28, 2010

Don Ferguson

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“As a student of Catherines during most of 2009, I would highly recommend Catherine. She always made the sessions enjoyable, lively and energetic which induced better learning. Catherine has a passion for Learning and this comes through in all she does. On top of this Catherine is a great Coach and Mentor. I will certainly be staying in touch with Catherine and hope to use her skills and services when the opportunity arises.”
April 1, 2010