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I received this testimonial from a lovely client who firstly wanted to get her ‘message’ clear and then went on to nail it in a video! Watch this space for this lady – she is ready to rock and roll! Thank you Sharon Curran, The Soul Coach

“I approached Catherine to work with me after hearing positive things about her and her work at different women in business networking groups. I was due to film a short video introduction for my business and having never done one before, I wanted some help in identifying my core message and presentation.

In fact, it was after watching a short video of her’ own that I knew she was the right person for me.

I really connected with her energy, passion and vibrancy that all shone through.

I had two sessions with Catherine, the first of which was fact finding. She obviously needed to know what I did and how I helped my clients and I loved how we put all that together with copious post-it-notes and coloured pens! It was a very illuminating exercise and I was quickly able to identify my message and the one which would capture my audience’s attention in this short window of time. My work is very personal and I wanted that emotion and sense of heart connection and trust to come through and Catherine really helped me with that. In the second session we worked solely on delivery and presentation. She has some great tips on how to stand in your power and speak with confidence and poise and having never done something like this before, she really put me at ease.

I guess the biggest thing that helped me to feel the most comfortable was the sense of feeling understood. Even though that’s nigh on impossible to do with all the different types of businesses out there, I never once felt like I was being moved into a direction I wasn’t comfortable with or asked to do or say something that wasn’t authentically me.

I am really delighted with the overall outcome and would highly recommend Catherine if you are looking for similar help and support.”

Sharon Curran

The Soul Coach

Many clients have a specific presentation they want to work on with me..

Getting my message across to people one to one has always been something I have felt comfortable with. I’m even happy running an interactive workshop but as soon as I have to deliver a straightforward talk to a large group the panic sets in. I have actually done it many times and luckily had positive feedback but I know I could do so much better. I have done everything to attempt improvement – public speaking workshops, seminars, hypnotherapy, you name it, I’ve tried it,  but now that I’m getting asked to do more and more decluttering talks I want to be in a position firstly to not panic for the two weeks leading up to a talk, and secondly to feel confident that I have delivered well and inspired people to take action. I had met Catherine many times, listened to her poised, confident, impactful  delivery on  numerous occasions and knew she was the perfect person to help. I needed someone to listen to MY speech, to look at MY body language, to tell me how ridiculously fast MY delivery was. I needed a one to one assessment.  So that’s what we did. In a very casual environment, I delivered one of my pre prepared talks. Catherine listened, stopped me periodically, told me what I was doing well, what I was doing not so well, where I needed to pause, where to tweak my message, how to engage the audience, how to use body language in a positive way to influence people subconsciously. It was brilliant and hit the spot perfectly.   I could go on and on but that was part of Catherine’s message – less is more! I’ve booked 4 talks in March. I have my first talk in a week or so and I am chomping at the bit to put into practise what I learnt. Wherever you are in your public speaking journey, a couple of hours with Catherine might just save you months of unnecessary panic. Good luck!

Julie Butterworth

Decluttering Your Home

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