Can you say things in a way that people 'get', in a way that resonates and in a way that influences?  Not yet? - read on...


Are you a keynote speaker? – or have been asked to be one? Or want to be one (and asked)!

Do you have ‘doing a TED talk’ on your list of things to do?

Are you asked to share your expertise– especially with others in groups?

I’m guessing ‘knowing your stuff isn’t the issue, is it? It rarely is.

What’s the challenge, is knowing how to articulate that in a clear, concise, engaging way to an audience. No more putting your audience to sleep, no more stage fright and no more PowerPoint slides that make everyone’s eyes bleed! 

That’s where I come in.

Whether it is one-to-one sessions (a very popular way of crafting, practising and honing a presentation) or workshops for companies (great where there is a group), I provide the insight, the tools and the feedback that mean your presentations will be engaging, on target, and above all, have impact and influence.

We’re talking inspirational and dynamic presentations that blow people’s minds.

one to one speaker coaching

workshop speaker coaching