Business presentations often fail.  They are predictable, impersonal and eminently forgettable.


Speakers often download detail instead of delivering crafted, powerful messages.  Talk at instead of building rapport with their audiences.  Blend in instead of standing out.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Of course when you stand up to speak you want to stand out as someone confident, credible and clear.  You don’t want to bore people, confuse them and even worse have people take no action.

Are you needing to ‘up your game’? Looking to move away from being merely informational to be inspirational? Seeking to stop listing facts to instead crafting powerful, impacting messages people act on?

Take a look through the website to see the six ways* I can help you make your impact in business through speak persuasively in public.  Oh…and remember to sign up for Speech Bubbles, weekly inspiration for your presentations.

* one to one private sessions tailored to your needs, corporate programmes for companies serious about raising the standard of communication, SpeakUp! Clubs for topping up skills regularly, SpeakUp!Plus for ongoing monthly practice & feedback, Spotlight sessions for focus on ‘Hot topics’,Speech Bubbles for weekly inspiration and tips




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