Wise Words – six essential presentation techniques we can learn from great speakers…

imagesDoes your heart ever sink when you hear a speaker start talking about operational timetables, strategic plans or project milestones? Not because these aren’t important but because you KNOW that you are going to have to sit through a barrage of facts, figures and,usually, bullet points!

Here is an excerpt from one of Dr. Martin Luther King’s most well known and famous speeches: ‘And even though we face the difficulties of today & tomorrow I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream’

Dr Martin Luther King didn’t talk about strategic plans. He didn’t highlight a seven-stage plan. He didn’t give an overview of the project that lay ahead. He inspired and motivated a community, a race, a nation and indeed a world to believe that change was necessary and possible and initiated real action that still resonates in today’s society. (you can listen to his famous speech here if you want to soak up the power of his speech)

So what can we learn from this? Well you might not be changing the world and you might not be speaking to thousands but it is good to remember that people respond to a vision – mentally and emotionally. All too often and all too easily presenters delve straight down into the detail without first inviting listeners to understand and consider the ‘why’, the bigger picture, the common cause. By starting with the ‘why’ (why this matters to the listeners), presenters tap into human motivations and can deliver inspirational rather than informational presentations – yes, even if you are delivering an internal audit presentation or review of last quarter’s financials! And of course, if your presentation is sharing learning and opinion and is passion–fuelled, then this becomes even more necessary.

Here are three elements you could introduce into your presentations to build a vision

1. Call people to a bigger cause…
2. Find some one thing people can rally towards…
3. Become their champion…

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This blog was originally part of a competition run by White Hart Training. Entrants to the competition had to guess the originator of six quotes. Each of the six quotes exemplifies six essential presentation techniques about speaking in public. Please browse the blog for the remaining five quotes or search using the category, ‘Quotation Competition”

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