Why you? Why this? Why now? – Three questions to answer in presentations?

Why PresentationsIf you are presenting to a group and your purpose to affect some sort of change (and if that is not the purpose, then why are you speaking to them in the first place?), then there are really only three questions they are asking.

  • Why should I be influenced by YOU?

I may need your service but there are others out there providing it to me so why you? What is it about you that I should believe in, find credible, trust?

  • Why THIS ? (product to buy, service to use, action to take, behaviour to change, way to think)?

I know, like, trust you but why do I need this product, this change of behaviours, this service? How is this relevant, beneficial to me? Why should I be compelled to take action?

  • Why should I take action NOW?

I trust you and I recognise the need to have your service, idea, recommendation.  But why now? What makes it so necessary that I make this decision now rather than later?

This means that as you prepare and practice your presentation you need to think about:

Personal Credibility and Influence  – how you look and sound and your level of personal presence is critical

The difference your product/recommendation/service can make in the lives of your listeners – your presentation needs to be geared to specifically to the audience.  It is less about what you want to say and more about what they need to hear

Compelling language and structure of your presentation that makes it necessary for action to be taken.  – people will often put off making a decision.  You need to be crystal clear as the action they need to take and make it easy for them to do so.

If you would like to chat about these techniques and how to put them into practice, then call on 07946604859 or email on Catherine @catherinesandland.com or comment below.

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