Why telling your business story can win you loyal clients, raving fans and happy staff

chalkboard-620316_1280It’s one of the hardest questions you will get asked in business. ‘What do you do…?’ Sounds so innocuous doesn’t it? But beware…if you answer it blindly, without thought, you could get into hot water!

What do you do…? Well behind the questions is a whole range of questions the asker might want answers to:

How credible are you?

Can you help me?

Can you help people I know?

Are you interesting?

What can you tell me that I can tell others?

Tell me something that I can ‘dine out on’ later

Are you someone I can get on with?

What do we have in common?

Are you interested in me?

I used to sum these all up by saying when you answer the question, you need to think about the ‘So what factor’ (make sure you give a relevant answer) and the ‘WIIFM factor’ (make sure that your response is tailored to show benefit and value to the asker or people the asker knows).

But I think that over the years I would add a third factor which may even be the most important.  The ‘What’s your Story’ factor.

Stories make the giving of information and the sharing of passion and purpose so much easier and more powerful.  What will you remember afterwards – a series of data or facts or a story?  A story reaches out and makes a connection and builds rapport. A story is portable and repeatable.  A story is remarkable – in the sense it can be remarked upon.  And we have opportunities to tell our business story all the time – face to face, through social media and on our website.

Our story can build communities of raving fans and attract more of them.  Stories make it easy for your employees to explain to others why they work with you and why they love working for you.

What are the stories you are telling?  Please share!  And if you would like to work with me in one of my Let’s Talk #Business Sessions, then call me on 07946604859.

Stand up. Speak up. Stand out.


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