Why a casual request has made my year…

excitedI am so excited. In November of this year I will be delivering my first TED talk. For those of you unfamiliar with TED talks or are not sure why this should excite me so much, let me take you back to New Year 2016.

I’m not one for setting New Year’s resolutions. I’d rather set goals in my own time to my own timescale and my own way. But this New Year , I had the clearest of visions about one of the things I really wanted to achieve this year. A TED talk. I didn’t how this was going to happen but, as if by magic, my lecturer husband received an email in February about a TEDx event being held this year – casually he forwarded it to me. ‘You interested?’ was the low key comment . I nearly bit his hand off! After applying, sending in a synopsis and a mini video I received the formal invitation to be part of the event to be held in November 2016.

As a speaking trainer, I work with people all the time in helping them get clarity about their message, crafting that message and delivering in a way that makes sense and has an impact. I often direct people to watch TED talks to get an idea of how many different people express ideas and thoughts.   And more recently I have been working with some clients on TED-style talks. Presentations that are keynotes at conferences, seminars and corporate events. It’s been fun!

So it sort of makes a lot of professional sense to set myself the challenge of doing this myself on the famous TED stage. I am familiar with delivering keynotes and guest speeches – let’s step this up a notch and go to TED!

But there is something else too: personal and professional passion. The premise behind TED talks is that there is an idea worth spreading: the TED conferences and TEDx events provide people from the world of technology, entertainment and design to do just that. Not just famous people either but experts and people passionate about ‘something’.

And my passion is about the importance of all people having a voice in their world. It forms part of my raison D’etre. Underpinning why I enjoy and feel so strongly about helping people present, is the belief that in order to influence change people need a voice, they need to be able to use that voice with impact and then they can influence. When people don’t have that voice and cannot use it so others will listen, then there is a real danger that they become invisible. And with invisibility comes a barrier to influence change and an increased likelihood of being at the beck and call of change.

So…the TEDx platform is giving me the opportunity to share my message. And boy is that both exciting, humbling and carries with it a huge responsibility.

I thought I might share some of my journey of getting ready for the event. It might be an insight into the process. Hopefully we can learn from the stages I go through and undoubtedly the mistakes I am going to make.

And here’s a cheeky request: your comments and feedback on my topic and content would be very valuable. Whether this is from an individual perspective of speaking and influencing or a cause you hold dear or a group/ community viewpoint. How do people find their voice? What gets in the way? What are the consequences of not being ‘heard’ – personally, politically, economically, socially?

Oh. And nearer the time I will need to rehearse so if any of you are local and would like to be my Guinea pig audience, then let me know!

I’ll be back soon with some reflections on getting clarity of content. And some thoughts on keynotes too.

If you also have a keynote coming up and would like to chat about your topic, content or approach, then give me a call.

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