Who has Zoom fatigue?

I’ll be honest and say that last week I’d fallen out with zoom. A combination of a tough week outside of work and a diary too full of zoom sessions I suspect. But maybe that’s how you’re feeling too?

I had to dig deep to be in a state that was valuable and energised for the benefit of my learners and clients online. But I was pretty exhausted by the end of the week.

But this week it a whole different ball game. I am high energy, low stress and it all seems so much ‘easier’ somehow. Yes – even when the connection is slow and there are some technical glitches.

Why? Here’s a few things I have reflected on and changes I made:

I did a mini workout before each of my remote training sessions yesterday. Star jumps, running in the spot, high knees etc

I practiced a new breathing pattern specially geared to improve focus I’d learned on a podcast over the weekend.

I got people interacting much sooner than I had been doing last week.

I stood up to deliver some pieces.

I introduced a new break and changed one of the activities around

And, life is on more of an even keel this week too. Which helps.

What can you do this week, to make your remote meetings, presentations or training easier?

If you have to dig deep, do you know what you can do to support yourself?

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