Where to start?

Where do you start?

You’ve got all sorts of information whizzing around in your head. Lots of things you could say. Lots of things you should say. But how do you even start to put in some sort of order? How do you get it outside of your head – maybe on paper, maybe in PowerPoint, and certainly in your voice?

That’s exactly what my client has been working on with me yesterday. We started by distilling everything down into a core message and that was tough because it’s not thinking about content. It’s thinking about the gist(which isn’t the same). Then we looked at how to pitch it so it resonates and motivates and creates a desire to listen and connect with the material. And then we get to look at sequencing and structuring. Phew!!

He’s gone off to work on what we’ve put in place and then I’ll be critiquing and feeding back and working with him in style and engagement and energy in delivering.

It’s a good job I love this stuff because I’ll be doing something similar with another client today as well. Both clients have that insight that recognises that clear, concise presentations result in better communication which has impact and influence. I applaud them and feel delighted that I can work alongside them.

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