Where are you hiding from presentations?

millennials-prove-that-showing-up-is-no-longer-half-the-battleIt was Woody Allen who said ‘80% of success is showing up’.  And at a recent event I attended the speaker added ‘and success is also where you turn up’

So, do you show up?  And where do you show up?  Here are three places you need to show up in business.


1.       Overcoming the fear of presenting

Working with my clients on their presentations it seems to me that part of overcoming the fear of  speaking is to ‘show up ‘ in the first place.  In other words there is only so much talking, reading, researching you can do before you actually have to DO it in order to see if it works.  It frustrates me that so many people spend so much time writing and thinking about their presentations and so little time actually sounding and moving it out. Show up.

Raising the profile of your campaign, business or issue

Presenting to groups, whether this is at a networking groups, your own seminars or events, as a guest speaker at someone else’s event is a fast and effective way for raising the profile of your business and also your campaign or mission.  But you have to be there in the first place.  How many events have you booked in for, what role does speaking to groups play in your marketing plan? Show up.

Building your go- to status

If you want people to think of you (or your business/campaign or mission) first then you need to acquire ‘go-to status’.  And you don’t get that if no one knows you are around or you aren’t at the places where they are looking.  Presenting to groups gives you this exposure and a head start.  Show up.

As a final note today, the following link is a great article about showing up – nothing to do with presentations and all to do with achieving your goals. Enjoy


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    Your way of explaining the whole thing in this post is truly good,
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    • Catherine Sandland August 7, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

      I am pleased that this was helpful.

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