When your very job depends on it…(presenting under pressure)

interview presentationIt’s the ultimate double whammy isn’t it? A job interview that includes a presentation. Not only are you having to demonstrate how you match the skills, experience and knowledge the interviewer is looking for. You also then have to stand and deliver a formal presentation in an entirely artificial setting to an audience who have an ulterior motive!

It’s not that people haven’t got the right skills, knowledge and experience: it’s more that they need to be able to express that in a way that is clear, compelling and smashes the competition!

Here are  a couple things that are worth bearing in mind

  • It isn’t really how well you have worked in the past that interviewers are interested in. They want to know how you fill their current needs and wants in the vacancy. So you need to know how to talk about the new role and how you match it. Using your current and past history of course! Past performance being a good predictor of future performance
  • That the more clearly the interview can see, hear and feel you doing the new job, the more likely they will remember you positively for the role. In other words, this is not just telling the interviewer that yes, I can do that. It’s about painting a picture and telling a story vividly. So think about examples, craft achievements and challenges and be thoughtful of the stories you have to tell.

If you’ve been asked to do a presentation it is either because they want to test your presentation skills or your knowledge or both. Aim to be as participative as possible. When the panel/audience are involved they will remember more. Start with something that captures their attention so that your presentation stands out from everyone else’s. Make sure you have a powerful message at the end.

And above all, keep it simple.

It really is the case that less is more.

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