When you deliver your presentation – remember the poor old audience is hearing it for the first time

The quote I explore in today’s vlog is:

When you plan a journey from your mind into mine, remember to allow for the time difference

I share this a lot with my students who are learning how to be trainers..and I think it is absolutely relevant to those people who have to present to groups.  Often times we are so familiar with what we have to say and usuallly so expert in the topic, that it can be easy to forget that this will be the first time the audience have heard us say it.  So they need to have time to HEAR what we say, time to PROCESS what we say and time to ABSORB and ACT on what we say.  

This has an impact on our structure, our personal delivery ( especially pace and pauses ) and the clarity and simplicity of our message.

What is your favourite quote and how does it impact on what you do?

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