When are actions more important than words?

I’ve been reminded this morning about the quote which says

We judge ourselves by our intentions but judge others by their behaviour.


I refer to this frequently in my workshops on feedback and when I’m working with managers around how to build strong working relationships.

But it’s also so so relevant when we think about speaking in public. Of course we know our own intentions. But how does it land with others? They only see and respond to our behaviours I was listening to a radio interview this weekend where the Archbishop of York was answering questions about the report recently carried out to investigate the Church child abuse cases. He quite rightly said, that people didn’t want to hear words, they needed to see action. But in the interview all he had to offer was words. Do people belief his intentions?

Are our words just noise? Or do we have the ability to share our intentions with others through our words.

When you speak this week, how can you make your interiors clear?

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