What’s your potential as a speaker?

11 ago, I attended a training course on presentation skills. I was an experienced trainer, loved speaking, was confident and had had to speak at meetings most of my managerial and professional life.

2 significant things happened at that training. Firstly, I learned that confidence, competence and enthusiasm were great but not enough Learning how to craft and focus on the audience in depth particularly transformed my presentations. And business. And how I serve my clients.

Secondly, and this will seem weird, it unlocked a part of me I didn’t really know existed. All my life I’ve been told I’m not funny. Mainly my parents and family of course but it’s stuck with me. And yet my lived experience was that I could make people laugh and smile and chuckle (with me not at me most of the time!!😂). Why was there this disconnect?

But one of the trainers picked up on this and suggested I channelled my inner funny and brought it to my presentations. Which I did.

Now I’ll never be on The Apollo or part of the Greatest Comedians of All Time. But I did subsequently go on to do some stand-up comedy(the scariest thing I’d done in my life at that point). And it changed how I speak

What could you unlock with focused training? Above and beyond confidence, competence and enthusiasm?

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