what landscapes and obligation have to do with presentations

IMG_3552I was listening to Richard Eyre the director on radio the other day and he was talking about how he started directing a new play. He described the process as creating a new landscape with new features, new people, new language and new activities. It was an exciting process. And it didn’t matter how many times the play had been delivered or not, or how many times he had directed the play or not, he got a thrill out of this creative process.

It made me think of the processes involved in designing a new presentation. How helpful it can be if we approach it as if we were creating a new landscape. A landscape we will invite our audiences to inhabit for as long as we speak. With features and frameworks, with people and passion, through imagery and language . Instead of stringing pieces of information together and hoping this will inspire the audience, we can craft a presentation and know that they will experience our presentation and remember it.

Richard Eyre also talked about how important and vital The Arts were to society. He said that The Arts OBLIGED people to see the world differently if only for a while .. And it is my belief that presentations that are well crafted, carefully and thoughtfully designed can be massively powerful. By obliging people to inhabit a different world – one that is both familiar and reassuring in the first instance and then giving the opportunity to see from a different perspective, we can influence and motivate and bring about change. Wow. How powerful is that?

So, next time you deign a presentation how will you be crafting your landscape and what perspectives will you encourage your audience to be seeing?

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