What effective business skills really mean for your business

Whether you work in a large organisation or you run your business or enterprise, being able to talk effectively about your business is absolutely essential.

Yes, yes, yes I hear you say but surely if you know your stuff and you believe and are passionate about it, then talking about it is natural right? Wrong!  Just because you know some stuff, just because you are an expert, just because you work for an amazing company, just because you are an entrepreneur DOESN’T mean you can necessarily communicate this clearly and in a compelling way.

Presentation skills come naturally to some people but only a small minority in reality. In most cases, delivering presentations with clarity and confidence takes practice, takes feedback and takes some learning.  When I speak with people who can present well and are confident in doing so, they inevitably say that when they started they made mistakes, they were nervous, they did not like it.  But the need to get out there and say their piece overcame those challenges.  That, and the recognition that it was essential to be able to speak in public well.

This point was made again to me as I worked last week with an amazing group of young entrepreneurs from all around the globe.  The enthusiasm, the energy and the sheer inventiveness of this group took my breath away.  And they all realized that there was a need to channel this into passionate and powerful, persuasive communication if they were to be successful.  Networking, team working, asking advice, learning and, of course, pitching – all this involved skill in communicating to groups and individuals.

If you would like to chat about how White Hart Training can help with how you talk about your business, then call Catherine on 07946 604859 or email on Catherine@catherinesandland.com. And if you are a women in business, then check out the workshops running in Cheshire, UK in 2013.  Details on the website www.catherinesandland.com

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