What can speaking brilliantly do for your business?

Do people know what you do? Do they know why you do what you do? Do they know what you can do for them? Do they know what you can do for others so they can recommend you?

Yes, a website with brilliant copy can help you make sure that people can find out this information. And a dynamic and responsive social media might be the perfect way for you to reach out to clients and potential customers. A newsletter or regular emails can be a good way of sharing this information.

At some point though, for most businesses, there will be face-to-face interaction. And how you (or your staff) speak about your business matters.

How do we answer the questions – What does your business do? What do you do? What does your product do? Tell me a bit about your company? What made you do this job? What is it that you do?

Being able to answer these questions clearly, compellingly and with impact can be the difference of people nodding politely and then instantly forgetting what you’ve said or people connecting with you. Doing this exceptionally well means that they connect with you and what you do, possibly talk about you to other people and maybe even wanting to know more.

We’ve all heard the phrase, people buy from people. Well, when we get that chance to speak face to face to people, it behoves us to do this well. What we say and how we say it can make powerful connections with our customers, suppliers and potential clients.



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