What a typical, predictable and boring business presentation looks like…

predictableWhat a typical, predictable and boring business presentation looks like…

  1. The Speaker starts to speak the moment they stand up without centering themselves or focusing the audience
  2. The Speaker introduces themselves, ‘Good morning my name is *******a and today I am going to talk to you about…
  3. The PowerPoint slides are already up: lots of lovely bullet points begging to be read out…which is what the Speaker does
  4. With their back to the audience
  5. The Speaker speaks in long sentences with few pauses and uses ‘written English’ i.e. language that would look Ok in a brochure but sounds stilted in a presentation
  6. The Speaker adopts a ‘professional’ tone: serious, devoid of personality and monotonous
  7. The Speaker adopts a ‘professional’ stance: rigid, clinging to notes, a pen or clicker. They don’t smile.
  8. Eye contact is fleeting if at all – the Speaker scans the audience (in the worst cases above their heads) but rarely if ever looks at individuals and includes them in the content.
  9. OR the Speaker focuses on one person only (the decision maker or one person who is smiling in the audience) to the exclusion of the rest
  10. The content is focused on what the Speaker needs to say and it is hard to see the relevance of this as the audience.
  11. Information is presented as lists or statements or facts. Hard to listen to, hard to process and even harder to recall.
  12. Content is presented just like everyone else’s content – introduction, problem, solution, call to action…we know what is coming and this makes it easy to switch off.
  13. There is rarely a call to action: we know what has been said (hopefully) but not what to do with the information presented.
  14. Lots of information but no way of making sense of it or being able to recall it easily to help with future decisions.

What would you add to this list? Have you been guilty of falling into one of these traps? Look forward to hearing from you…

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