That wonder-ful moment when it all changes…light bulb moments!

joyful boyDo you like reading? Do you get a chance to and if so what do you read?

My five year old is coming to the end of his Reception Year at school and since September he has been coming on leaps and bounds with his reading. His particular school focus on a phonics reading scheme so we have been all learning about the sounds, blends, talk outs and CCVs(!) each week. He brings home reading books from school and reads with some degree of fluency, accuracy and even expression (wonder who he gets that from?)

Something amazing happened though this last half term…it was a like watching a light bulb go on in his head. We could watch him staring at his world in a completely different way – as if suddenly he could see that the world was now full of writing, signs, posters, words and text. AND he could read them!! WOW. So now road trips, walks and day-to-day activities are punctuated with him reading out what he sees (and lots of questions!)

Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments? Do you remember a time when suddenly the world looked a different place? It is a real delight when I see this happen in my workshops, speaking clubs or with private clients. You can’t force it but boy is it exciting when it happens. Just this week I had the pleasure of hearing one of my private clients speak at a meeting. For her the world looks different and it is full of opportunities to share, teach and sell her expertise…all because she suddenly ‘gets’ speaking in public – why, how and what to say.

What have been your ‘light bulb moments’? Please share your stories …

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