Ted Talks

Have you got a big Idea that you are passionate about?


Are you bursting to share it with the world?


Are you looking for a bigger platform?

I hear lots of people say that ‘doing a TED talk’ is on their bucket list.  And even more people who are passionate about an idea, a concept or have a story to tell.  And that’s great – how, though, do you take that idea and craft it into a talk so that you are invited to stand on a TED stage and share it with the world?


This is what I can help you with:

Designing your talk so that your idea stands out and makes it TED-worthy

Crafting your stories and narratives so that they connect with your audience and leave a lasting impact

Honing your delivery skills so that you can stand and deliver confidently, powerfully without notes and fill that stage with your presence.

And much more.

*Often we have an idea/new discovery/campaign or innovation that we think “if only people knew about it, it would catch on!”

*Often our idea is bigger than our audience, what if you had a global audience?

*Often we have a powerful story to tell that has the potential to touch and connect with people


This is for you if-

- You have an idea worth sharing (or even the germ of an idea)

- If you want to share that on a world stage

- If you are passionate about community, innovation, diversity, research or the arts

-You want to inform, educate or even perform to a global audience


It’s not for you if –

You just want to use the TED platform for promoting your business (although it’s a great side effect of releasing a TEDx)

You have political, religious or polarizing views (TED’s rules) or you don’t have evidence to back up claims or assumptions.

You are not willing to be open to feedback or put the homework in.



"Catherine is a Presentation skills coach Par Excellence. 

I had the great pleasure of working with Catherine as TEDx Speaker. Catherine's coaching was exceptional. She was patient, supportive and empowering in her style and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I produced my best work and was able to find and use my authentic voice. Catherine has a meticulous eye for detail and her knowledge of her subject matter is irrefutable. Catherine is a joy to work with and I can and do recommend her coaching support without any hesitation or equivocation." 

Sharon Amesu

Honorary Industry Fellow- Salford University

Inclusive Leadership 


"Catherine’s support, abilities and all around brilliance are unique. In her profession as a speaker coach she gets you straight away, her experience is vast and you hear it, no, see it even just as she is listening to you. All of this paired with the most lovely demeanour and support - what more could an aspiring speaker could ask for. I was very lucky to get to work with Catherine and am grateful for everything she did for me and for TEDX. "

Kate Carney UK

Helping you Stand Out & Sell



"I hadn't had any formal speaker training before I was selected for TEDx and I didn't think I needed any. After all it's just speaking right? That being said, I had fluffed a number of times on stage and the build up to audience speaking was always a bit fraught. Catherine Sandland has such a positive style to guiding a speaker and shaping a speech. From knowing when to pause, when to laugh, which words to emphasize. These things to me were invisible but as soon as she drew them out of the content, it made it sparkle! Alongside this came her gentle confidence building. I will always be grateful and cannot recommend her enough."

Emi Howe  BSc.  Cert. Ed.  M.F.H.T.

Author of The Body Hoax available now!