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practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect – or does it? Alternative view for preparing for presentations.

Practice makes perfect. It makes sense then, to be careful what you practice. This phrase made me stop and think when I read it in ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff ‘ by  Richard Carlson recently. Because for many years when people have said that to get better at presenting you need to practice,(after all practice […]

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what landscapes and obligation have to do with presentations

I was listening to Richard Eyre the director speaking on Radio the other day. It was interesting hearing how he goes about directing a play or film from the beginning. He described it as ‘creating a landscape from scratch, with a world, people, language and activities’ This world was for the audience. It made me […]

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Me? An expert? Nah…there’s lots more people know lots more than me, surely?

Sometimes when I am delivering a presentation or training session I will ask people whether they are experts.  There will always be one person who puts up their hand quickly, confidently and as high as it goes.  But what about the rest of the audience?  Well, some people half raise their hand hiding it under […]

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He’s just asked for feedback on his presentation – what should I say?

Should we give people feedback on their presentations and if we do, how honest should we be? Let’s be honest, if we deliver a presentation we are not likely to get any feedback that is helpful from the majority of people in the audience.  If we say, ‘how did it go?’ the answer usually is […]

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