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Oh please won’t you shut up? Or how to make a business presentation more effective and less irritating !

Have you ever just wished that the speaker would shut up or get a move on so that the meeting can progress or you can get to your next task? Sometimes it would seem that business presentations simply suck up time, energy and the will to live without necessarily giving back anything in return.  How […]

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story telling

Did you watch The Apprentice the other night? The power of the presentation…3 comments.

My son and I regularly watch The Apprentice.  In part because we enjoy the challenges set and the disastrous decisions and situations the candidates find themselves in.  And in part because it is the one programme we can agree on watching together – a shared experience. The other week, the episode focused on the teams […]

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What I learned from doing Stand Up…a personal story

Well, finally I did it.  I did Stand Up…and survived!  Back in January of this year, I decided to do something that would scare me, something that would well and truly take me out of my comfort zone.  And with some bizarre happenstance coupled with a good friend’s encouragement, I found myself entering the Funny […]

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How are you working on your business

How are you working ON your business this week?

As I write this I have a fantastic week ahead of me.  It includes designing a module for a personal effectiveness programme I am running for a corporate client, delivering a presentation to one of my favourite networking groups, facilitating one of my monthly speaking groups with a group of lively and determined women in […]

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