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If you don’t even get up and try – of course you can’t present! Four stages on the route to be a good presenter & to speaking in public with confidence and clarity

On a recent two day Presentation Skills for Phenomenal Women, one of the delegates said on day one, ‘ I just can’t do this.  How do you manage to do it so naturally and confidently?’ What would her response have been if I had said, ‘ Well… I was born with this skill and as […]

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need to hear

How to give an effective presentation – Ten things the audience needs to hear from you in a presentation…

Whether they out and out ask you or whether they sit there and think these questions, here are 10 things the audience need to hear from you when you deliver your presentation: 1. Do I need to worry about you?  A strange one to start off with and in most cases, audiences need to know […]

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Delivering effective business presentations – Ten things your audience will never say

I have written before that the standard of business presentations is pretty poor.  In fact the three characteristics of most business presentations are predictability, too much information and Death by PowerPoint.  I wonder how much time is wasted in meetings and events listening (or even sleeping) to dull, irrelevant and mind-numbing presentations?  By the way […]

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What I learned from doing Stand Up…a personal story

Well, finally I did it.  I did Stand Up…and survived!  Back in January of this year, I decided to do something that would scare me, something that would well and truly take me out of my comfort zone.  And with some bizarre happenstance coupled with a good friend’s encouragement, I found myself entering the Funny […]

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Presentation skills – nature or nurture?

Contrary to popular belief, people are simply not born with amazing presentation skills innately persuasive and captivating from birth. While it true that there are some who love the limelight, are not fazed by the attention presenting brings, that does not automatically mean that they are excellent presenters. And having expertise, knowledge and a brain […]

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How are you working on your business

How are you working ON your business this week?

As I write this I have a fantastic week ahead of me.  It includes designing a module for a personal effectiveness programme I am running for a corporate client, delivering a presentation to one of my favourite networking groups, facilitating one of my monthly speaking groups with a group of lively and determined women in […]

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hamster wheel presenting

Break free of the Hamster Wheel of presenting…

We have all been to presentations that have been so predictable and have followed so familiar a path that we could have written them ourselves.  Yes, there is a conventional way of delivering business presentations that nearly every one follows but hardly anyone enjoys.  On my course when I ask people what they hate about […]

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