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How do you handle nerves in a presentation…just tell them to go away?

It took me by surprise.  One minute I was feeling pleasantly excited, anticipating.  And the next? Bang. Pow. Whop. Fear like I haven’t felt since I abseiled down a tall building.  Or did my first stand up. It’s not unusual to get nervous before standing up to speak in front of others.  In fact, I’d go so far […]

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thinking on your feet

How to think on your feet when speaking in public

It’s your worst nightmare. You are delivering your important presentation. It’s all going to plan. You are on a roll. And then a member of the audience asks you a question left of field. Or you are asked to deliver your twenty minute speech in fifteen because there’s been an over run. Or there is […]

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10 Ways to Ruin your Presentation

Five Ways to guarantee a ruined presentation at the Preparation Stage: No planning of key message No planning of how to ‘shape ‘ that message No practicing of how that message will sound and look to the audience No checking of equipment in advance of the presentation Creation of notes that will not help you […]

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Does presenting scare the living daylights out of you? – some top tips about recent brain research

Do you have an overwhelming FEAR of doing a presentation? Does your heart pound? Go red? Clammy hands? Shaky voice? Stomach flip over? Legs go wobbly? I was speaking with  Sally Mc Hugh,BrainWorking Recursive Therapist recently and she was sharing with me some interesting approaches to tackling those scary and often overwhelming feelings. This is what she […]

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Six things to do to remember what to say in a presentation…and one of them isn’t what you’d expect

The most common question I get asked about presenting has to be , ‘ How do I remember what to say next?’.  The question reveals a fear that I guess most of us have harboured at some point.  The fear of standing there and the mind going completely and utterly blank.  The dread of not […]

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