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This is why people don’t listen to you in your presentations!

Look, you ask me why people don’t listen you in your presentations.  Why they snooze, dose, check their phones and chat to their neighbours. Why they stare glassy-eyed and passive.  Why they sink further into their seats and look nervously at their watches. Well here are some of the reasons: 1. You just haven’t thought of […]

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How to avoid the emergency stop…crafting a clear end to your presentation

My nephew has just passed his driving test!   For the next few months at any rate if you are driving in Cheshire, UK, then take good care!  Talking to my Sister-in-law, the journey to get to the test wasn’t all a bed of roses.  There were many frustrating occasions where her normally calm approach and […]

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‘Well that’s an hour gone I will never get back’ – how to avoid losing your audience

Ever thought, ‘ where is this argument going?’, ‘what the heck is he saying?’, ‘The Lord help me – I’ve lost the will to live’, then you have almost certainly been on the receiving end of lack of clarity! Where there is lack of clarity then we will follow a fairly predictable path of confusing, […]

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