Supercharge your presentation…five things you MUST do to deliver engaging presentations

rocketImagine a world with no more Death by PowerPoint presentations? No more dull, predictable monotone monologues? No more hours wasted listening to information overload that you will instantly forget when you leave the room? No more irrelevant lists of information that have no connection or resonance with our lives and needs?

Here are five ways to supercharge your presentations and take them from information-fests to inspiration-fuelled. From presentations people can’t wait to leave to presentations that people find compelling and take action on.

  1. Always focus on what people need to hear rather than what you want to tell them. Research and really understand the world your audience inhabits before you start to list down what you can tell them. Not just as it relates to your content but wider than that – what do they hear, see and feel on a daily basis. They are humans too!
  2. Be clear about the message you want them to take away. This is not the same as the content. This is the ‘take away’. The bit that people will remember, the bit that people will recall long after the presentation has finished. And this is the bit that influences and has impact…
  3. Craft your content. Rather than list the content in a logical order and then recite or read or even verbally list the information, impose a shape to the information. Do this well and people will ‘get ‘ your message quicker and it will last. Do this well and people will be able to remember and recall what you have said. Do this well and people will be able to share what they have learned and heard.
  4. Rehearse what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Lots of presenters do the former but not always the latter. Given that listeners will take away an interpretation of your content not just from the words you use but the tone of your voice and the movement of your body, it is vital that you rehearse exactly how you will say it. From the purposeful moves to the pauses. From the use of hands to the use of tone. From the use of space to the pace of delivery.
  5. Build in colour and variety into your presentation: pace, tone and volume of voice. Pace and purpose of movement. Choice of language. Use of stories, examples. Levels of engagement and participation of your audience.

What would you add to this list? What questions do you have about supercharging your presentations?

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