Stories don’t just tell themselves you know – how to craft your business story

storytellerMum rang the other day. Muriel had called and embarked on telling her a story of some happenstance at the supermarket.  Half an hour later, Muriel had still been on the phone, telling the story from ‘Thread ‘t Needle, as Mum put it!

And that is all too common isn’t’ it? We ask people, ‘what do you do?’ or ‘tell me a bit about your business’ and that is indeed what they sometimes give us – the whole story – from thread ‘t needle.  Many of my clients come to me because they know they get caught up in the detail too quickly and somehow can’t get to the nub, the crux, the crystal clear core in a way that is clean, elegant and concise!  And yet people are interested to know the genesis of your company, the products or services you sell, the experiences you have had or your clients have…they just don’t want to know all the teeny weeny details at length…

So, you have an amazing business – a great story to tell…you know what you do and you have a sackful of stories to tell about happy clients and satisfied customers.  Where do you start if you don’t want to dive into the detail? Here are some tips:

  1. Ask yourself what you LOVE about your business/product/service and what your customers LOVE about it… this will help you get quickly to the core.
  1. Ask yourself what difference does your service/product make to your clients and what this allows THEM to do.
  1. Identify pivotal moments in your experiences and relationships (when you decided upon something, when something happened to you, when you made something happen, when you realised something, when you took action) and build your story around these by adding meaning and then colour. This takes you away from linear stories and creates something magical.

So are you going to be Muriel? Or instead are you going to craft a business story that is meaningful and elegant? Let me know how you get on.  And if you would like to work with me in my Let’s #TalkBusiness session then give me a call on 07946 604859.

Stand up. Speak up. Stand out.

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