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Designed to help you get better and feel more confident in making and delivering presentations and speaking in public. We all have aspects of speaking in public where we feel less than confident. There are parts of presenting that we would like to be better at but are not sure how or what changes to make. There are some types of presentations or types of audiences that we are not sure of how to handle or approach.  That’s where Spotlight Master classes come into play.   Each session will train you to make and deliver presentations that have more impact on your audiences (and relive some of the stress of preparing and delivering them) Each session has been designed to tackle the six areas most commonly found to make people twitchy!

What are the sessions all about?



Spotlight Masterclasses


Dynamic Delivery

Pitch Perfect

Speaker Skills

Crafting a Memorable Keynote

Sequencing and Structure

Killer Content


Killer Content

i.e. how do I stop waffling and cut to the chase? Perfect if you worry that you use 50 words when 10 would do, if you struggle to fit all you know in a presentation but don’t know how to edit, craft or form your content so that it fits the time and is relevant and interesting to your audience. December 8th 2015

Dynamic Delivery

i.e. how do I influence and engage without simply downloading boring facts? This will be ideal if you are worried that you might be sending your audience to sleep when you speak in public. If you are someone whose personality seems to seep through your toes the minute you have to stand up and speak and want to know how you can be human i.e. engaging, energetic and well, dynamic! February 3rd 2016

Speaker Skills

i.e. How do I be professional, in control and natural when all I can do is think of whether I will forget what I’ve got to say or be worried I will get derailed by the audiences or (even worse) my own inner (negative) voice? This session will suit you if you are looking for a series of techniques that allow you to be in perfect control of yourself, your material and your audience. It targets those questions we often ask ourselves – what if I lose my thread, how do I handle question time, how do I slow down, what if nerves take over, how do I use technology? March 17th 2016

Sequencing & Structure

I don’t just want to be competent :I want to be inspiring. So what alternatives are there to listing all my information on a PowerPoint? This is ideal if you have ever wondered how to sequence and structure a presentation so it doesn’t like a series of bullets on a slide. And if you are looking to deliver presentations that stand out as well designed, fully focussed and packed with valuable, relevant content that ‘rocks’, then this is the session fro you. (And you get to take away a really cool tool to use to plan and deliver great sounding presentations.) April 26th 2016  

Pitch Perfect

i.e what’s an elegant way of asking people to buy without being ‘salesy’? This is ideal if you have to sell in your presentations (either product or services or ideas and recommendations) but really hate those ‘sales-fest’ type of pitches where people feel pressurised, manipulated or hounded into a decision. If you know you need to tell the audience about your offer but often shy away from it, then this Spotlight Session will give you some words and phrases, some structure and some approaches that will be easy to implement and make all the difference to how you think about Sales Pitches. June 14th 2016

Crafting a memorable Keynote

i.e what do I say if I am asked to be a guest speaker? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a format and a process to draw on when you are next asked to deliver a keynote? This session is designed for people who are already delivering keynotes and want to up their game or those who want to move into delivering such presentations. From coming up with a topic, to crafting and designing it all the way to delivering it in a way which has impact – this session is intensive kick-start to your speaking career! July 21st 2016  

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Choose the one (or two or more) that meet your needs or book the whole series and build up a portfolio of skills and techniques that will lift your presentations up and above the rest. Polish up on your existing skills and fill your skill gaps or revamp, revitalise and renew your speaking prowess. Killer Content: 8th December 2015 Dynamic Delivery : 3rd February 2016 Speaker Skills: 17th March 2016 Sequencing & Structure: 26th April 2016 Pitch perfect : 14th June 2016 Crafting a Keynote: 21st July 2016   Each Masterclass is half a day and the next series is being held in Lymm, Cheshire.  Not far from M56 and Manchester airport.   The next series of Spotlight Master classes will be start in December 2015 and run every six- eight weeks. They are stand-alone sessions in that you can take as many of as few as you like but they do also work well in conjunction with my SpeakUp! Clubs. What you learn on the Spotlight Sessions, you can then practice in the SpeakUp! club and get some feedback as well. Contact Catherine on 07946604859 or to ask whether this would work for you.  


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