SpeakUp!Plus – a 12 month programme

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SpeakUp!Plus is a structured programme designed to give you the skills and the confidence to know that when you stand up and speak up you can do so clearly, convincingly and with conviction. It begins with a series of eight monthly workshops to give you the fundamentals of how to make an impact and wield influence when you present and then is followed by an ongoing programme tailored to suit your needs and whatever the world throws at you - presentation-wise that is!  So you might want to focus on one to one private sessions, attend an open SpeakUp!Club or come to Spotlight Masterclass. When you know that it is part of the job, the next step to developing yourself or your business or simply something that you have always longed to do...learning, practicing and getting feedback on your presenting skills is essential. Ask yourself this:

  • Do you think you occasionally sound just like everyone else?
  • Have you learned to speak on the job but long for some structured input and feedback
  • Ask for feedback and are told you are 'fine' when on the inside you know you could be better
  • Got stuck in a rut - you are out there speaking but want to up your game and bring back some life and oomph back?

SpeakUp!Plus offers you structure, feedback and most importantly the self belief that you can stand out from the crowd and use your speaking skills to make your difference - in your business, your community and even your family! The next SpeakUp!Plus programme starts on 10th September followed by workshops on 22nd October, 19th November, 17th December, 21st January, 11th February, 17th March book_now