So, who are you again? From networker introduction to webpage, three ways to be consistent.

who are youEver met someone at a networker event, took their card and later checked them out on the website? Ever asked yourself if the people you met in flesh and blood were actually the same business? Or have you ever looked at someone’s website, were impressed with their style and ‘feel’ only to find out they were as dull as dish water when you met them in the flesh?

The problem lies in the stories we tell about our business, our staff, our clients and ourselves.  We share these stories on many different platforms: on the website, through various social media outlets, at networker meetings and in all the face-to-face interactions we hold. And the challenge is to be consistent throughout them all.  So if we meet someone and they check us out on our website, they get a sense of the same person (or culture for companies who have staff). That when people read a tweet, jump onto Facebook and then see us speak at a conference, it is familiar and personable and consistent.

I guess you would call this Having a Voice.  This doesn’t mean to say that you say the same things all the time.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t change the way you put across your messages to match the medium and the audience’s needs. What it does mean is that you have a clear sense of your own identity (and company identity) and this shines through ALL your communications.

So, three ways to be consistent:

  1. Be crystal clear as to your core message… the underpinning, powerful ‘why’ you do what you do… everything else then supports this and refers back to and builds from this.
  2. Review your communications as a whole picture, the whole ‘story’ on a regular basis – especially if you are outsourcing some of this or you have members of a team working on different aspects of talking about your business.
  3. Make sure that when you talk about your business you are aware that it is not about what you want to say – it is about what they need to hear. Choose your content carefully and craft your message elegantly so it resonates with your audience.

Let me know your thoughts on this one. And if you would like to review your business stories and craft powerful consistent stories for your business, then call me on 07946604859 to book a Let’s talk#business session.


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