Public speaking – boiled down to three fundamental principles

Communication as a word is totally useless. It’s too big a word with a myriad of different categories and definitions. It means different things to different people.

But how about this as a way of thinking about communication (and therefore presentations)

  • can you say things in a way that other people ‘get’?
  • can you say them in a way that has impact so the listeners can not only make sense of what you’ve said but they can remember what you’ve said afterwards
  • Can they remember what you’ve said afterwards so when the time is right, they take action i.e. do something with what you’ve said?

These three questions are the foundations of clear and influential speaking – whether it is one to one, small or large groups, video or conference. If you want to know how good your communication is ( or your organisation’s communication), then why not start with these three questions.

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