Spotlight Masterclass: Speaker Skills. March 17th 2016


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How do I be professional, in control and natural when all I can do is think of whether I will forget what I’ve got to say or be worried I will get derailed by the audiences or (even worse) my own inner (negative) voice?


It’s not all about the straightforward ‘Stand up and Deliver’ techniques…knowing how to work with an audience, control them, respond to them and build rapport with them are all important parts of being a presenter. And having the confidence to know what to do if you forget what to say next, how to handle an interruption and what to do if you feel under fire at question time, all contributes to developing your professionalism and skills as a speaker.

This session includes:

  • Knowing specifically what to do to get yourself into the ‘right state’ for delivery
  • How to use prompts and tricks of the trade to keep you on track and elegantly in control at all time
  • Using posture and stage management to build confidence and credibility
  • How to build rapport effortlessly with your audience
  • How to sound natural
  • How to think quickly on your feet

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Know what to do if you forget your place
  • Know how to plan for emergencies
  • Know how to stand and move like a speaker…and be totally yourself at the same time!
  • Know how to manage question time like a pro


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