Spotlight Masterclass: Sequencing & Structure. 26th April 2016


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Ever said this?  I don’t just want to be competent – I want to be inspiring.

So what alternatives are there to listing all your information on a PowerPoint?
How do you sequence and structure a presentation so it doesn’t sound like a series of bullets on a slide.

And how do you deliver presentations that stand out as well designed, fully focussed and packed with valuable, relevant content that ‘rocks’?

When you listen to most presentations, they often sound and look like a long list of information transposed onto a PowerPoint slide and read out by a personality-lacking robot! Designing and crafting your presentation in a way that means your audience feel appreciated, included and important is all about talking with them, not at them. It’s about structuring and sequencing your content so it is easy to understand and remember and engages along the way. This session shows you how to put your Killer Content in the right order so it is focussed and flows and how to shape your presentation so that it is elegant and engaging .

This session includes:

  • Crafting your beginning and ending so they have the WOW factor
  • Learning about transitioning from one part of your presentation to another elegantly and seamlessly
  • Building stories and models into your repertoire
  • Sequencing so that your presentation is easy to understand as people listen to it there and then
  • Structuring so people can recall your message easily long after they have left your presentation.


By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Structure quickly a short presentation using a simple and easy to apply tool
  • Build your vocabulary with words and phrases which help with flow and focus
  • Delve deeper into people’s motivations to understand how to sequence more effectively.


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