Spotlight Masterclass: Crafting your KeyNote. July 21st 2016


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What do I say if I am asked to be a guest speaker?
Writing, designing and delivering a keynote presentation is a big deal! And regardless of how long you’ve been doing this ( or not), having a clear process to help you along the way is going to save you time, effort and also an awful lot of stress!


This session includes:

  • Coming up with the topics for key notes (and other important presentations in business)
  • A step by step approach to building content
  • A tool for sequencing and structuring
  • A fool proof method of rehearsing
  • How to market your presentations.


By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Start crafting a series of keynotes
  • Plan how to market and use these to build our business
  • Know how to replicate these processes for future opportunities to speak.


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