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How do you get really good at speaking in public?

For most people, there is a point in your life and certainly your business or career where you will be required to stand up and speak up.  It could be a short networker introduction, a pitch for investment, a guest speaker slot at a conference, a ‘state of the nation’ speech to your team.  Whatever it is, you know that you want to be clear, engaging and that your words will have an impact.

So how do you do that? Perhaps you have had presentations skills training in the past. Perhaps you have learned as you go along. Perhaps you avoid speaking in public as best you can! SpeakUp! Club is a perfect way to get to be a better, more influential and more confident speaker through short monthly sessions that are specifically formatted to help you raise your game.

Each session is structured so that you get to learn, you get to practice and you get to give and receive feedback. Beware of confusing knowledge with skills. We can all know the theory of crafting and delivering a presentation but it is a different matter when it comes to doing it in practice. SpeakUp! Club is designed to help you know it and do it with the help of bite size chunks of learning coupled with supportive and direct feedback. Each month you get regular practice so that when the time comes to deliver a presentation in your business, you can do it with clarity and confidence.

You can attend monthly ( £35 for a first time visit, thereafter £40 a session) or book a series of 6 or more sessions which can be taken over the course of 12 months.


Here’s what members of the SpeakUp! Club have said about their experiences of attending:

Phenomenal women

Phenomenal Women

The phenomenal women speaking club has been a complete revelation for me. Public speaking is something that I’ve always dreaded and my aim has always just been to get through it, without making a total fool of myself by stuttering and shaking!! After a few sessions with Catherine, I’ve gained confidence and realised there’s a whole art to putting your presentation together. Instead of just getting through a presentation, I now think about how I’m going to deliver it and what techniques I’m going to use, I still feel nervous but also confident that I can do a good presentation. This training is the best CPD I’ve ever done and what you learn is absolute gold, thank you!!!

The speaking club has been really useful in stimulating thinking around what I need to say and how messages are expressed, and I have applied some of techniques and concepts introduced by Catherine in my work.

I enjoy the balance between input from Catherine, and the opportunity to speak and gain feedback from the other women present.  The small group size is essential to maintain this balance.

Catherine provides a welcoming and personable learning environment. She takes an interest in those present and always offers useful individual feedback and support with examples relevant to work.  She is an excellent facilitator and speaker, and is genuinely interested in helping every person to develop and improve.

 Such useful insight into the effort required to really make an impact, connect with any audience and stand out from the crowd.  The speaking club works because of Catherine’s style and approach, she is engaging, encouraging but also challenging.  The challenge now is to apply all this learning and allow the time needed to appropriately plan for engagements, be they presentations, meetings, networking or otherwise.  Fantastic experience and would absolutely recommend this to others.

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Speaking Club Options

Attendee of Speaking Club, First Time Visitor, Six sessions up front ( £35 a session)


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