Presentations in disguise – are you wearing camouflage?

stick insectIt is tempting isn’t it…if we have the Big Presentation coming up, the one that matters, the one where it is critical that all goes well – to include all that we know. After all, we want to be credible. We need people to know that we know.

But the more information we include the more challenging it is for people to make sense of what we say. This isn’t that your audiences aren’t intelligent (they usually are). It isn’t about dumbing down (to be avoided). This is about curating, crafting and culling your material so that the message and the point you want to make stands out loud and clear.

Detail acts as camouflage. Ever tried to see a stick insect when it is hiding? It looks so much like a stick that you’d be hard pressed to know it was there in the first place.  And so it is with detail and your presentation. Sometimes it is hard to work out what the message is or what you are meant to do with it, because nothing stands out.

When you start building and crafting your presentation, start with the message. The one thing that has to stand out and drive audience’s thoughts, behaviours and subsequent actions afterwards. Then add in sufficient detail for that message to be clear, understood, relevant and motivating. So detail is not a ‘Bad Thing’ – just choose carefully and judiciously what detail is needed.

Share with me your thoughts and questions on this one.

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