Prepare with the end in mind

Do you mentally run through how your presentation is going to be before you stand up to deliver?
I was thinking about this at Mum’s as she and I are getting things in place for her long-awaited, postponed-from-April, hip operation at the weekend.

We’ve started with the time she needs to be at the hospital (7 am) and worked our way backwards. What time to get up, when to go to bed, when to pack, which meds to stop and which to start, last meal etc. Right back from Saturday to today, right now. Hopefully, it will mean we can move smoothly through the plan!!

It can be helpful to do the same for speaking. Both in terms of crafting your talk and delivering it.

Start with the end in mind. And then work out what needs to be said and when to lead up to that.
Delivering: how do you want to finish and what stages will you go through to get there. Visualising the audience, your facial expressions, your gestures and movements all mean that you can move smoothly to the event.

We’re on countdown in this household. Wish us luck.
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