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Have you decided who to vote for yet in the General Election this May? How much would debates between the leaders of all the parties influence your choice?

I ask because it would appear that the introduction of political televised debates at the last General Election did have a measurable impact on how voters perceived the main parties, their leaders and their manifestos. A key statistic I find interesting is that over 60% of people watching the debates felt they knew more about what the parties stood for after the debates than before them and for first time voters, 50% of them used the debates to help them decide who and what to vote for.

You could argue that that is what the debates are there for and so what? But it did highlight for me the power and impact standing up and speaking out on people who are undecided or ignorant of your message or offer. This is an opportunity to make a connection with your audience, demonstrate and share who you are and what you stand for(and your business, product or service) and leave a lasting impression.

And yes, it is not the whole picture. For sure in business we need to be talking to our customers and potential customers all the year around and listening to them as well as broadcasting our message at networking, conferences, meetings and events. If the only time they hear from us is on the platform as it were, then we run the risk of not building firm and long lasting relationships. We end up pushing information onto our clients and prospects instead of attracting them and building connections.

But never underestimate the power of speaking in public. Take the opportunity to share what you know and what you stand for. Reach out on a much bigger scale and increase your impact and your influence.

Let me know your thoughts on the upcoming debates. And how do you feel about stepping up on the platform and sharing what you stand for? Sign up for Speech Bubbles, weekly inspiration for your presentations.


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