Poise is about…posture

In today’s vlog I consider how posture can immediately make a huge difference to your presentations and your confidence in delivering them.

We tradtionally have pretty poor posture ( blame it on 21st Century living), so when we suddenely think about posture in our presentations, it feels and often looks very uncomfortable.  Think of the people you have seen who look like they have a ram rod…or those who  stick their hands suspiciously behind their back…or thiose who look stiff and unnatural!

We need to practice posture – frequently – so that when we speak in public, the posture and stance is natural and exudes confidence, calmness and control.  Get someone to give you feedback and make sure that you consider your feet, your spine, your head and shoulders and your hands.

Watch the  vlog to find out specific tips on getting a great posture for your presentation stance.

For more POISE tips, watch out for the vlog tomorrow…( and subscribe to YouTUbe channel Presenting Queen)

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