Poise is about…outward looking ( presentation tips)

Where is your focus when you present?  For many people the natural focus is on remaining calm, keeping breathing steady, making sure all your notes are at hand, the PowerPoint works, checking who is in the audience, remembering your opening lines…What this means in practice is that your focus is inward looking.

My recommendation in this vlog is to be outward looking. That is, make your focus the people in the room, be fully present in the room, all your senses alert to what you can hear, see and feel in the room. If you are thinking to yourself,’Easier said than done’, then try this effective and powerful technique – peripheral vision.

You know when you drive your car, you are looking forward ( I hope!) and yet at the same time fully aware of traffic in front, pedestrians to the side, cars behind and even build ups way ahead of your own car.  That is peripheral vision. It requires you to ‘soften your eyes’ and extend your eye contact.

Do this in a presentation and you will find that once the focus is off your inner voice and concerns, then you will breathe more easily, feel and look more relaxed and sound more in control.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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