Oh no…not the ‘r’ word…

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 06.24.07I wonder why people hate rehearsal so much?  Perhaps it is the agony of having to speak in front of someone else (usually someone you know well – the spouse or partner, the member of staff) Maybe it is the lack of time? Maybe it is the desire to get it all perfect before you commit yourself to speaking it out aloud? Maybe it is because no one gives you helpful feedback (see my blog Can I have some Feedback please for some tips with this one) I have heard all of these excuses (yes, excuses not reasons) from my clients and on my workshops and I believe they all stem from a flawed belief.  That rehearsal is about getting it perfect. Rubbish!

There are some situations where it needs to be word perfect i.e. in Parliament, at an Inquiry for example but most of the time that is not the case.  What would be the difference if your belief about rehearsal was, ‘ Rehearsal is about change’?  Does this alter how we go about it?  You bet it does and here are the four main differences:

#If rehearsal is about change, then we start much earlier in the design process to say things out loud and to try alternative ways of expressing our message. Before we have a full set of notes, before we have all the detail, before we have done our slides.  Speaking it out loud means we can work on flow, on links between sections, on whether it makes sense and is motivating..

#If rehearsal is about change then we feel comfortable about adjusting, editing, adding until we no longer need or want to change.  Then stop.

#If rehearsal is about change then we are always asking ourselves these important questions: how does this sound to the audience, what does it look like, how does it make them feel?

If rehearsal is about change then we are building in flexibility into our performance.  What I mean by this is that if we needed to ‘go off piste’ for some reason, or if we miss something out or we are interrupted, we feel ok about this because it has been part of the way we have rehearsed and therefore we can deal with it.

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