Meet Bob – he’s great at one to ones but falls to pieces when presenting…

fall to pieces when presentingI met Bob at the beginning of the New Year and was really interested in what he does through his work on mindfulness and dealing with stress.  As part of his work he runs group sessions as well as one to one and is a pretty confident and out going chap.  So it was certainly a surprise to most people when he said he hated speaking in front of an audience and the thought of presenting turned him into a bag of nerves.

But actually, this is very common.  Confident, competent people who regularly interact with others and communicate often very skillfully on a one to one level, still worry about standing to present.

Someone once described it like this to me.  Lots of people drive a car and therefore can drive.  If an articulated lorry turns up one day and you are offered the chance to drive it, you might feel a bit nervous, a bit out of your depth, worried about the consequences of getting it wrong and feeling a fool.  To drive the articulated lorry, you would need to adapt and add to your exiting driving skills, even change some of them.  So you might go and learn some skills, practice in a safe place and get some guidance/coaching/advise from an expert.  And you would almost certainly need to drive your articulated lorry more than once if you wanted to be good at it!

Hopefully the analogy is clear for presenting too:

  • Recognise that presenting is another means of communicating that can be learned and added to your repertoire of existing communication skills
  • Go and watch good presenters to see how it is done
  • Practice in a safe arena and get feedback

If you want to chat to me about how I could help you present (but not drive articulated lorries) then call on 07946604859 or email on Catherine@

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