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lets-talk-businessLet’s Talk#Business…

Face to face, one to one, presentations, networker events, pitches, guest speeches and team briefings…Websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…Let’s face it. the last thing people really want when they speak to you about your business or visit your website is a download of boring, robotic, meaningless data…Does that shock you?  Surely the reason why people visit the website and the reason they ask you ‘ what is it  that you do?’ is to find out more?Well only to a degree…people, we, are already overloaded with data and information to last us a lifetime.What we want is clear, concise messages that can be absorbed quickly and make an impact immediately ( before we move on, click to another page, get distracted by other stuff)

Research tells us that  one of the most effective ways we can capture people’s limited attention, make an impact, be memorable and help them find what they need is…to tell them stories.  So what stories are you, and your business telling? Let’s talk#busieness is about helping you craft and tell your business story consistently, concisely and convincingly whether this is face to face, in a pitch or through a blog or on your website.

In a bespoke, private session we will explore what your core messages are, the stories behind them, the stories your potential clients and customers will need to hear.  And then we will set to and craft them so they are easy to tell, easy to hear, easy to remember . And even more importantly, that they become mobile ie other people will start to tell them to. on your behalf


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