I’ve lost my presentation…what do I do? What to do if you forget to save your presentation slides.

ctonL-02-oh-noI saw a frantic and desperate message on Facebook this weekend from a lovely lady who was preparing for a presentation she was giving on Sunday just gone.

Oh ********k! I am so upset i could throw up! Normally wld transfer onto hard drive but saved presentation on laptop…which now refuses to start up Rescue start program running but nothing happening… Feeling faint…

Oh how I felt for her!  Now this lady is normally very organised, very calm and very positive but this was a disaster…and one that could be avoided. At the end of the blog I will share with you my instant advice but in the meantime here are five things you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

  1. Back up. Back up. Back up.  Back up to your PC, back up to your laptop, back up to a pen drive, back up to the cloud if you can.
  2. Email yourself the presentation at each stage of the design. (That way you also have another back up.)
  3. Where the presentation is too big or where your photos and pictures are too high a resolution to email (and you are using photos and pictures right?) then save it to something like Dropbox.  This is also brilliant if there are a few of you working on the presentation at one time.  I have also sent the Dropbox link to the organiser before now as well as a belt and braces job!
  4. Print off a hard paper copy of your slides for each version as you prepare.  Now this may seem an old fashioned way of working given the paperless office and technology BUT if the worst happens and you need to start again from scratch with limited time, then at least you have a good visual start.
  5. Make sure that as you design and rehearse your presentation you keep notes or have a plan of the flow and shape and overall direction of the presentation that is not dependent on slides.  In previous blogs I have emphasised how important this is and why this should be in place BEFORE you even design the slides anyway.  In this scenario though, it means it is easier to either start redesigning again or even delivering without the slides.

And if all else fails, here is the advice I posted to my lovely contact:

Right. Stop. Breathe, Just focus on your message, that still stays true and you DO know this. The presentation slides are helpful – but NOT the whole story. They are pictures you CAN paint with your words.

Presentations are not the PowerPoint. This is so important I will write it again.  Presentations are not the PowerPoint.  When we are clear about the message and we know how we would like to say it, then we can cope if the rest goes by the wayside.  And yes it may not be as fabulous as it could have been with supporting visuals but the message stays powerful. And if the message is clear then it is easier to replicate or restore the supporting visuals. But maybe it is just more straightforward if we keep backing up!


Oh – and the happy ending.  She rewrote her presentation, it went well and it was a lesson hard earned!


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