I’ve had enough!

presenting queen had enoughI’ve had enough:

Of people who insist on telling us all they know and cramming it in ten minutes

Of people who don’t take the time to find out about their audiences

Of people who don’t prepare because they prefer to speak from the heart

Of people who put their scripts on PowerPoint so they don’t miss anything out and then read them

Of people who don’t practice

Of people who list information

Of people who speak to all corners of the room except the people in it

Of people who keep eye contact with only one person in the room

Rant over.

Many of these behaviours come about because of three faulty premises:

It is all about what the speaker has to say rather than what the audience has to hear.

If you practice and plan you will squash any authenticity and genuineness

It is enough to know your content, and there is no need to craft a message and shape that content so it resonates and makes sense to the listener.

What lifts a speaker is someone who has the balls to stand up and speak.  Someone who can influence and have an impact on their listeners is:

Someone who can see and talk from the perspective of the audience

Someone who is respectful of the audience enough to craft and shape a message that is meaningful and relevant

Someone who takes the time to practice their delivery so that it engages, informs and inspires.

Do you have a rant you would like to share?


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