Is good enough good enough when we stand up to speak in public?

imagesI am prepared to go out on a limb here – most people don’t need to be perfectly polished presenters.  They just need to be good enough.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that we shouldn’t aim to design and deliver the highest quality of presentations we can.  Not am I saying that we deliver lacklustre, unprepared and boring presentations.  It’s just that for the majority, good enough is good enough.

With the exception of professional presenters, influencers, politicians and some trainers, most people who stand up day to day are not presenters.  They are people who are experts and who have a passion, vision and a message to share with others.  By ‘trade’ or by expertise they are business owners, accountants, hypnotherapists, consultants, internal auditors, HR managers, charity organisers, team leaders, inventors, campaigners…not presenters.  Of course if they are wise they will know that to share their expertise and passion and to make a difference, they need to be able to speak clearly, confidently and convincingly.  They have to be able to shape, sequence, structure their message elegantly and engagingly. And they have to deliver with impact and influence.

But there is no need for them to tie themselves in knots. And there is no need to get so caught up in the mechanics of presenting that they lose sight of the message and the reason why they are there.  As someone recently said at an event I recently attended, ‘ 90% is often good enough’.  And this is what I share with my clients.  A simple, step by step approach to creating and delivering a presentation that never loses sight of the reason for speaking up in the first place.

Why do you deliver presentations? How important is it to you to be perfect?

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