How to give the best presentation – ever

microphoneI attended an event where I heard one of the best presentations I’ve heard for a long time. It wasn’t a professional speaker. It wasn’t very long. And it wasn’t especially professional. But it did three things:

It engaged me from the get-go and I never once lost attention

The speaker reached out to me personally( and everyone else in the room at the same time– around 400 people) and I felt like the message was just for me.

I was emotionally drawn in and motivated to take action afterwards


Wouldn’t we all like to do that? To engage, to reach out and connect and to resonate so powerfully that we motivate to take action?

Here’s what she did:

  • She’d carefully constructed her speech. She knew what she wanted to say. It had a narrative arc. It was clear and , importantly, concise.
  • She spoke to the audience. It was her story but told for our benefit, Not hers,. This wasn’t about what she had to say it was about what we needed to hear and so her story was carefully told from our perspective.
  • She created pictures. In our mind eye. She only used two slides. The rest was up to our imagination and her skill in telling story, creating a powerful metaphor and her encouragement to imagine.
  • She spoke from the heart. Yes, she got emotional. She hesitated a little. The occasional word got a bit jumbled. But her voice was strong and true. And her truth was honest and certain.

It was easy to stand and applaud and give her a standing ovation. Quite simply a perfect presentation. Be clear. Speak honestly and authentically. Speak for the audience’s benefit. Emotionally engage.

What’s the best presentation you have heard recently? Call me or comment below if you have questions or if you want to know how to do this in your presentations – I might be able to help!

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