How to be yourself in a presentation

be yourselfBe yourself – everyone else is taken, Oscar Wilde

Lots of clients tell me (and I believe them!) that they feel confident and relaxed when they are speaking one to one or in a familiar meeting or even in small groups but oh dear, when they have to stand up all their personality seems to seep out of their boots.

Presentations, especially formal ones, seem to be associated with professionalism that in turn is linked with a serious, lifeless, PowerPoint-led delivery focusing on facts and statistics. Don’t get me wrong – I prize professionalism dearly and some presentations are concerning serious topics…and that doesn’t mean to say we leave the personality at the door.

When people listen to a presentation, what engages them, sways them and motivates them to take action is rarely just the facts or statistic or even the logic. The other, vital factor is the person delivering the presentations. Their credibility, the trust they generate, the connection they make with their audience. If you leave all that behind or cover it up with a cloak of faceless professionalism, then you are missing out on the very opportunity presentations give us – the opportunity to influence and reach out in person, face to face…

So, get your facts right, do your research, tailor your message to that audience, structure and sequence. But then spend time developing a personal style just for you so that your language, your expression, the way you use your body helps YOU deliver YOUR presentation in YOUR way. Be yourself!

If you’d like to know how to specifically develop your own personal delivery styles then check out the Dynamic Delivery workshop on February 3rd, Cheshire, UK and try some techniques out that suit just you!




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